keskiviikkona, marraskuuta 24, 2010

Dreaming of IVANAhelsinki -and getting far beyond

Photo from Hailuoto. Something what unrefined and undefined but in the same time very clear and beautiful.
Today I woke up thinking weither my homesicness has become cronic.Talking about cronic I don't mean anything bad this time but vice versa. Instead of dreaming about Finish forests and fields covered with mist in daytime my dreams of Finland started to appeal in my nightly travels to my subconsciousnes. Because of these dreams I realize I'm really processing my relation to my nation and country here in Budapest. I recognize that the things appealing in the dreams are usually something that somehow remains a guestion to you.  And for me there is lot of guestions concerning our history, our underestimated partly forgotten culture, our changing ways to act... Any way I prefer being home sick during the night time. It gives you the possibility to enjoy your travel in the daytime!

As an answer I give you an example of the cultural changes in person. This example is of course exaggerated way to express the differencies and the changes and that's why I can only talk about my own experience: In the time of worlwide broadcasting "Guiet, modest, thoughtful and hardworking" suddenly becomes a bad thing to be although it used to be an ideal for decades. Since beeing grown up forgetting and forbidding the inborn character and principles and trying to be self asserted and extroverted in the same time has been the goal and the coping mechanism for me as a Finish person. This way of acting agains your character doesn't feel right but in the same time I know these changes happen because of wanting to act in a wider field than your own village and getting to a closer interaction with other cultures. More deep perspective and closer relation with other cultures is of course positive thing in my point of view and that's why national character if it any more existed is a very contradictory subject...
But any way...this prelude I wrote become to long and too profound. Actually I had something else to say to you:
It's funny how my dreams of Finland has it's distinctive character every time. Talking about trying to make a big fuss about yourself, your doings and beings before you even did anything this nights dream was ripped from somewhere far way from it. This time my studies with Finish national art become a dream of IVANAhelsinki. After this guite interesting assosiation I wanted to make a search for the artist and their home page really freaked me out. It was like entering a dream! During my visit to their site I really enjoyed the fact that known for her designs Paola Suhonen has also entered filmstudies. This way she can broaden the way to touch the melancolicity in each person.

Enjoy the dream!