torstaina, helmikuuta 13, 2014

Steps - The Snowboarding film that I've been waiting

The whole film: STEPS - A journey to the edge of climate change from Ride Greener on Vimeo.

Beautiful, breathtaking...Thoughtfull...This is what I've been waiting for. In Steps snowboarders talk about their relationship towards nature and the ecological footprint that their brand and techno oriented lifestyle creates. Snowboarding is thriving and trilling sports where you can experience nature in it's best. Still it isn't the most eco-friendly sports and that's why it has been so hard to talk about this issue before:
  "Whether or not snowboarding and skiing in today’s world can be done in harmony with nature." 

But these guys know: the harder the slope is the more it will give; the harder the issue is the more important it is to talk about it. And the snowboarders do talk. They ride and they talk in the ride film that is produced with zero emissions.

Skiing and snowboarding might not be the most ecological sports, but the people doing it from their heart live straight from nature. They learn to appriciate and rispect it.

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