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The Lore Of Spices

The Lore Of Spices: Their History And Uses Around The WorldThe Lore Of Spices: Their History And Uses Around The World by Jan Öjvind Swahn

This book presents around thirty known spices, their backround, folklore and tradition around them, usage and a few recipes. For some reason I think I will get back to this book often, and not the least beacause of its vivid illustration.
The Author is Jan Öjvind Swahn, person who has dedicated his time and knowledge for folklore research, especially food and food traditions. I think soon I might find more of his books at my shelves. This Book is something I've been looking for quite a time since I've for long had a dream to slowly develop myself a relevant knowledge about local spices and ingredients to farm and use in kitchen. And there it was! A perfect piece of folk knowledge just when I was on the mood to once really buy something. Today I set my I on it accidentally when I was strolling around Jyväskylä. It was a gray rainy day so I for once glanced at something else but the sky.

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