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2/3 The Lesson

...of singing

turned into a lesson of breathing and presence.

And even better into a lesson how to motivate yourself, go from passive existing into active being and therefore it took me into the origin of inspiration.  


"Your breathing seems passive as well as your singing. Actually you've quite a passive body and presence. "


Said my current singing teacher Päivi Virolainen-Kalpio at my first singing lesson at hers. Naturally I was amazed and for a moment slightly offended since I've been practicing singing and breathing from my own interest here and there. And as long as I remember I've been conscious about my being and how I hold my body. Before I turned myself ready to defense reaction I noticed Päivi consciously or not had already turned my being slightly active by poking me with that comment. She made me feel something. Less than five minutes had gone and a gleam of indignation had made me realize I used my body when I was feeling but absolutely never when I was singing or breathing."

When I started to sing I almost only used my throat, tried to breath literally with stomach and let everything else for the gravitation.

Breathing is an automatic action but you can also take it under conscious control. You have to know that when you sing your whole body is working for it. Not only the abs are tightening and letting loose the air between ribbons, but you feel the movement from the back of your head to your spine, belly, bottom and all the way down to your toes. You feel when you breath how your muscles stress and loose and tie you feet firmly onto the ground as your head reaches the sealing at the same time. You feel light and heavy simultaneously." Päivi said and I understood singing was going to be much more than being in and letting voice out for now on. As any sports it would make me tired and my muscles hurt for a while. It would be something like yoga, keeping me present and healing me at the same time when I train.

"It's irrational to teach you to breathe, 

it's the most natural thing for you to do."

From understanding what was now said there was good tries to realize the breathing "in a right way" but there was also moments of frustration to come.

@Street Art Utopia


an enormous balloon 

around your head."


letting air through a tiny pipe ...."

Some say well planned is a half way job done. This case  I say:

 well imagined is half job done.

These tips helped me while trying to learn back my own breathing:

1. Think about your diaphragm as a lift going up and down while breathing and meanwhile follow it with you hands and think how it strenches you muscles and all of you body from belly to bottom and toes.

Diaphragmatic Breathing for Singers

2. You can actually feel the breathe all over you body when you do it actively. Try to imagine it, then you also start to feel it:
a) how the breath widens the back of your head, broadens your view and lifts your upper body up like you were a feather
b)how the breathe widens you chest and stretches muscles between the ribbons. You feel it especially on you back
c) when you breathe in your diaphragm goes down like a lift, you feel the pressure down in your bottom as well
d) then you feel how the action ties you down to the floor, you feel yourself sound and stable

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