tiistaina, syyskuuta 14, 2010

Strolling around Jewish district if Pest

Area of many contrasts. In the VII district of Budapest are the first recomendable restaurants and bars. These such nice blocks are great problem to the city with their low income and bad condition of the buildings. Despite of area's rich but tragical history (you can check out the background from every local turist guides, http://www.budapest-life.com/budapest/jewish-budapest) and it's value in tourism area's athmosphere is under threat. It is waiting a cheap facelift from investors and contractors acting with a greed glare for good profits in their eyes.
Read more about the situation:
As an foreign architect student we are to make an analyze of the area to make a plan of an infill building. Such an interesting task, but brings me again to the question of architects position and responsility in these kinds of situations when originality among the dwellers is going to be exiled because of a building and restoration process.

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