torstaina, syyskuuta 16, 2010

15.9.2010 It's a warm day in Budapest

While my study mates scramble around looking for ERASMUS parties and cheep beer, being sick I was forced to pay better attention to the places I go.Fed up sitting inside the flat I decided to make another alternative and of course romantic walk to the nearby areas. I also had a great aim to find famous new-age-Jewish coffee bar called Siraly ( Following my way anything can happen so the day's result was perfect and cheap dinner considering the price and the time: a tasty soup and a couple of huge deep-fried soy pieces accompanied with paprica sauce costing me only 720 forints (2,5 euros).
After satisfying my greed stomach I found myself shoping in a nice outlet place in Kiraly street (to locals Kiraly utca). The shop was perfectly facing my long for alternate place Siraly. When I entered the bar I didn't know I'd allready found it pecause of it's lack for signs. But after ordering another rum-coke in English from non English speaker (I tried to  order hot toddy in every place since I got sick but the only coctail based on rum I get is a rum with coke. In good places the coke is still served me with a smile, such happened in this case as well), spending hours reading in my table and still recieving good wibes from the staff and 10pm realizing that the silent coffee place has turned into a crowded bar fild with local people I realized that this was my place.

Näytä suurempi kartta

After day's succesful course I decided to continue these lonely journeys in Budapest. I also made some succesful pre-searcing for my following adventures:

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Piia kirjoitti...

Hey sis! Where's my favourite blogger? Anything new happened in one month?

Raluca Irimia kirjoitti...

Budapest on mahtava kohde! Tosi hyvä artikkeli! Hienot kuvat! Tämä juttu on todella kiinnostava ja sen avulla matkasta tulee onnistunut ja nautittava.