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The Best Things in My Life..

...are the mistakes I've made. 
Meanwhile I take my chances and go for the sun I might as well reveal you something by the morning coffee. I've wanted to talk to you about mistakes for long. It is a risk, I know, but worth taking. And thanks to many bloggers dealing with the issue these days it's easier for me to start. Many of them has actually made the main point reveal quite nicely. So again I can only feel grattitude and give my small part to the wholeness. To place the piece that I feel is lacking.

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Mistakes, they open your eyes, they teach, they make you feel. They're people who you let close, who you take distance to... relationships, words you've said and believed, trust you've taken, choices you've made, places you've gone, things that you've done... Someone would say "wrong choices" to make your righteous path to succes a bit more rocky, but I say they're life itself. 

There are small and big mistakes, good and bad also just poor and just frustrating ones. It's important to make a difference between them. Not all the difficulties are worth to go for. Usually the most important ones are just the ones that you're the most afraid of.

Many who know me, also know I'm very good in making mistakes in all the levels, especially the smallest. For me the issue is not to be afraid of mistakes but to take a look at the things what I take risks in. 
To put it right: To drop a plate and clean the chips is a lot easier than clean the mess on the table not to mention to take care of the whole house or the cleaner itself.
To make it straight: It's easier to make a mess elsewhere than to face the real problem.

Being a living creature you can't get through it without being hurt. Your choice is to choose what are the things worth to let you get hurt. As you already know the actual "bad" mistake is to get hurt without any reason at all.. standing in a corner without trying.

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Mistakes...the ones that you're most afraid of. It doesn't have to be leaving the job, selling the house and sending youself to the world tour. Sometimes the worst can just be staying still and listening to youself... or trusting ... someone else...or the life itself... letting the control go.

For this day and for the following I wish you good mistakes! This time: Go for the right ones! 

The sun is shining, let's not let the sight to go!

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