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Eager beaver

This is a serie of text is written few weeks ago but again I find it topical. Before speeding up the studies it might be the time to release parts of it as a motivator for all of us who still have to complete something before Christmas. And far more important, as a preparation for the New Year which always works as a good kick of for better habits


Time to reassesment the situation. For a long weekend I have rolled in creative pain and despair. At least I first thought it was creative pain that I was going through, that I've gone through for long time.

This weekend it has been time for me to finally start really working on the actual architecture studies now that we're halfway through the Autumn semester. Next to the design prolbem my thoughts have somehow been DRIFTING in assessing my EFFICIENCY and time usage. As a student I'm behind the schedule. Despite of the department's point of view and the REMORSE of responsible personality I'm perfectly in time in my own SCHEDULE counting in what I've gone through during these two months.  Or at least I'm trying to convince myself that I'm following my self-made GOALS supposedly. At least the LIST of new things suggests that I might be chasing the merit of OVERARCHIEVER: Moving into a new city, starting a new job, taking my first customer ever in interior design, running through my first teaching task ever, following the lectures of master studies in another city...  As I'm here writing, as well I've been catching myself summing up those archieved things in the middle of NERVOUS drawing session. Alone and with others I've been repeating alloud TIGHT schedules and the list of work as it could calm me down somehow. It hasn't.

Going back to the school project that I'm now nervous about I just can't let it all be and go 100% downshifting. I'm a young ambitious student of architecture learning lots of new things just while stepping into a real working business. Having lots of ambitions both in personal and professional life it's natural that some overlappings accure. I just have to have some tools to deal with them, beat the stress and handdle my time usage with real outcome - balanced person with prescence, the right experience and realistic goals.


Trick or Treat?
"I've archieved enough for now... I can take it easy now on. Just after I've done this" Thinking that moving to another city and start a job will automaticly turn my unrealistic and unsustainable additude to work and scheduling towards normal ways of life, I've come up into trick myself again. It's amazing how stupid stuff it is possible to make yourself believe if you just want it desperately enough. To make it visible for you and for myself I've have to wright down Black and White some of those absurd presumptions of secondary job that I have created while trying to be efficient and ended up running like a HAMSTER IN A WHEEL.

1. Work worths whatever it is.
Nonono! And deffinitely not!! If you always end up hesitating your decissions, spending time in uncertainty ja mistrust, start thinking weither there's something far more important in the backround that you are unconsciously disturbed by. Is the project/way of doing that you're doing all together something that you can't stand behind on? Have you found some of the things in your life just oblications that you didn't sincerely want to work for in the first place, but you just took them to you since you're a decent person? In this kind of situations it's natural the anxiety spreads in everything and it's difficult to find out what's the actual cause. Then it's time to give yourself a little break and think over. What are the thing you actually want from your life? What are the things you actually want to support in it and work for? If you don't want to be dissapointed in your life, don't carry the dissapointment with you. :)

2. Travelling gives you more time. Working while travelling give perspective to your work and makes you double efficient.
- You can work in a train, but pendeling between two cities does not bring extra hours into your day. It takes those last few hours away and you end up thinking I'm really tired, what did I do? Sitting the whole day in train trying to concentrate in work that is not possible to proceed in such circumstances just makes you nervous and frustrated. Minimize your comes and goes if you want to be efficient. If you have to travel and you can't concentrate on your work, then give yourself a break  - rest and dream with a good conscience -what else could you do.

3. Working all the time makes you super productive in the end. "It has been a nice working day. I must of been lazy. Now that I still feel good and energetic, I can work more and maybe take some extra tasks. I haven't worked enough if I'm not exhausted."
- Easy going job and nice work environment might give you energy, but it doesn't mean that you've got to have energy for another 8 hours of creative work after it. Empty pockets in your callendar do not mean lazyness or useless time, this empty space makes you efficient. Just make sure you don't spent your time stressing up things. Empty time > empty mind means rest and get energy.

4. With self suggestion you can bring out amazing results. With it you can also motivate youself if you're tired.
- For the weekdays and weekends I have even invented a way to cheat myself into extra work. Booring ever repeating mantra goes this way: "I don't have to do this, but I can, so I do... It is interesting, that's why I do it. I just have to do this...So I reach...and then I can... Just concentrate now..." Self motivation is good at many cases but sometimes you just have to let it all be and do something totally different. Othervice you end up working with wrong results, being unefficient and repeating mistakes instead of archieving something.

5. Job is a relaxation from study and vice versa. If you have loads of stuff to do but they are from different fields of study, you just get extra kick of in energy when you change subject. If the subjects are the same they just support each other and it makes it easier for you to work.
- Well... Stress is stress, and schedule is schedule where ever it comes from. 2+2 is 4 not 1 no mather how you count it and the hours of the days don't double if you double your doings. What if trying to make it easy and make the calculations under Physical laws: Person Needs to Rest in order to Work.

Calvin and Hobbes. What will you reach if you just take another approach?

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